Recreational Boating Association of Washington (RBAW)

Recreational Boating Association of Washington


As a unified group, RBAW has been able to convey common positions to the State legislature and to regulators much more effectively than any individual or single group could hope to do. RBAW’s mission is to represent the interests of Northwest boaters effectively. To help fulfill that goal they have a professional lobbyist in Olympia, who makes sure a collective voice is heard by state lawmakers. Their primary focus is State boating issues. 

RBAW actively represents the nearly 240,000 registered recreational boaters in the State of Washington through both individual memberships (now about 1300) and the membership of over 50 supporting boating clubs in the State (approximately 8000 club members) and is the only organization representing recreational boaters in the State. RBAW is run by boaters just like you. Their officers, board and committees are all boating volunteers, nominated and elected by members.

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